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Feel Safe!

Infection control and social distancing protocol at beauty collective

At Beauty Collective, we are strictly following all infectious disease control and social distancing protocols for clients regarding COVID-19. Here is what you can expect from our salon, so you feel confident passing through our doors and making your salon experience a priority once again.

Why You Should Feel at Ease at Beauty Collective

You might need a little more patience as these new protocols become the norm at the Salon, but a few extra minutes of waiting and a few extra steps are worth the level of protection these protocols deliver.

The staff at Beauty Collective may be a bit more covered up than we used to be, but who we are has not changed.

Your Stylists and staff are still the people you know and appreciate for their creativity, caring, kindness, and efficiency.

We are doing everything to keep you safe and make you feel safe during these uncertain times.

Before Your Appointment

When you speak to your stylist, whether they are calling to confirm an appointment or you are calling to make one:

When You Arrive at the Salon

To avoid an area full of people and to maintain social distancing measures, the following protocols will be conveyed to each client:

Precautions Our Staff Is Taking

Client health and safety is behind every move we make, and there are many ways our stylists are being cautious behind the scenes and in front of clients. The very minimum precautions we take every day include:

How We Are Cleaning the Salon

Cleaning and sanitizing happens continuously throughout the day:

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